A Conversation about Sarcoids

The Podcasting Equine Vets uncover all you need to know about sarcoids. Liz Somerville and Jenny Croft MRCVS discuss what they actually are and how we treat them.

When we talk about sarcoids it is easy to picture huge, messy tumours, but the reality is that lots of horses have small, seemingly innocuous sarcoids that can even sometimes go undetected unless we are carefully checking our horses on a regular basis. 

In addition to working for Loch Leven Equine Practice Jenny also works for Equine Medical Solutions, which is the business behind the sarcoid cream that is so well-known. 

Jenny explains in detail the questions many horse owners have about sarcoids:

  • What is a sarcoid?
  • What types of sarcoids do horses get?
  • Where do horses usually get sarcoids?
  • Why do some horses get sarcoids and others don’t?
  • What should I do if I think my horse has sarcoids?
  • How do you treat sarcoids?
  • Should I buy a horse with sarcoids?