A Conversation about General Anaesthetic and Equine Surgery

n this latest podcast The Podcasting Equine Vets discuss general anaesthetics and equine surgery. For many horse owners this scenario may never become a reality, but should your horse need surgery, be it elective or emergency, this podcast will help you to understand what happens on the day, what can go wrong and how we minimise the risks.

In this episode Liz Somerville talks to Hugh Somerville MRCVS to explain the differences in elective and emergency procedures, how a general anaesthetic (GA) is administered and talk about the preparation that goes into surgery before the horse even leaves its stable.

This episode helps horse owners to understand the important facts before they need to consider surgery for their horse:

  • Understanding different types of surgery
  • What happens in an equine surgery?
  • What do you need to bring with your horse if they need surgery?
  • What is a knockdown/induction box?
  • How do horses recover from surgery?
  • Emergency surgery for horses
  • Risks of equine surgery