Medical problems cover a wide range of conditions. Some of the most common we see are gastric ulcers, colic, diarrhoea, weight loss, heart, liver and kidney disease, cases of grass sickness, sarcoids and cases of poor performance.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to get instant profiles of your horse’s blood work as well as state of the art diagnostic equipment including ultrasound scanners, endoscopy and gastroscopy, which plays an important part of diagnosing many medicine cases.

We have in-patient facilities at our purpose-built clinic should your horse need the next level of medical care, or round the clock veterinary attention. In the case of your horse needing to be admitted to the clinic, we pride ourselves on the high-level communication and care that we offer.

We run monthly gastroscope clinics and in the cases of sarcoids we also offer removal via laser surgery, where suitable, which is done under standing sedation. Those cases that are not suitable for standing sedation are done under a general anaesthetic. 

We accept Equine Referral Cases from across Scotland.