A Conversation about Kissing Spines

Series 2 of The Podcasting Equine Vets is back and we are kicking it off with a conversation about Kissing Spines.

Kissing spines is a condition that horse owners are much more aware of now than a few years ago. At Loch Leven Equine Practice we are getting asked to radiograph more backs during vettings than ever before and it would be fair to say we’re seeing and treating more cases ourselves.

Luckily at Loch Leven Equine Practice we have exactly the right person to speak to it about! As an orthopeadic equine surgeon with additional qualifications in surgery and diagnostic imaging, and many years of experience of working with both performance and leisure horses Hugh Somerville MRCVS is very well placed to talk to us about this condition.

Keep listening to find out:

  • What is kissing spines?
  • How we diagnose kissing spines
  • What are the different treatment options?
  • What rehab is needed?
  • What is the prognosis or limitations for your horse if they are diagnosed?
  • Should I buy a horse with kissing spines?