A Conversation about Equine Coughs

Coughing may seem like a trivial subject especially as the odd cough really isn’t anything to worry about, but for those owners whose horses are coughing so much it is effecting their ridden work, or if they get regular coughs due to allergies it can incredibly frustrating.

In this episode of The Podcasting Equine Vets we discuss why our horses cough, the treatment options for equine coughs, what to do if a horse is coughing on your yard, and give you our top tips for cough management. 

  • Why do horses cough?
  • What are the causes of equine coughs
  • Should I worry about a horse on my yard with a cough?
  • How do you diagnose why a horse is coughing?
  • How do you treat an equine cough?
  • Equine inhalers
  • Managing or preventing coughs in horses