We offer a complete reproductive service to established studs and private individuals considering breeding from their own horse or pony. With our expert team you can be assured of the highest standard of care throughout the breeding season and beyond.

Led by Hannah Duncan BVMS MRCVS our vets are all highly trained in the physiology of reproductive cycles. The ability to manipulate the mare’s cycle helps to achieve a high positive pregnancy success rate.


  • Pre-breeding mare checks including taking swabs and bloods
  • Routine examination and monitoring of mares reproductive cycles
  • Synchronisation of the time of ovulation and insemination
  • Fertility investigations in aged or sub-fertile mares
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mare reproductive problems like endometriosis and endometritis
  • Surgical correction of abnormal vulval conformation
  • Microscopic examination and fertility analysis of semen at the time of breeding to make sure the semen has survived transport
  • Artificial insemination using chilled or frozen semen
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and reduction of twin pregnancies
  • Post foaling assessment of mares and foals
  • IgG tests, to ensure adequate colostrum intake, and plasma transfusions


If you are interested in breeding from your mare please contact us to discuss your options.