A Conversation about Eye Conditions

This episode covers how to identify if your horse’s eye is sore, some of the more common conditions that we see and the treatments that are available to us.

This week Liz Somerville is joined by Hannah Hamilton MRCVS to chat about sore eyes. Most eye conditions should always be treated as a medical emergency so please don’t delay in calling your vet.

The right diagnosis and treatment can be the difference between a quick recovery and your horse suffering painful, long-term consequences that can result in permanent loss of sight and enucleation. 

  • What are the symptoms of sore eyes in horses?
  • Common eye problems for horses
  • Conjunctivitis in horses
  • Blocked nasal larcimal duct
  • Cataracts in horses
  • Equine eye cysts
  • Equine keratitis
  • Equine retinal degeneration
  • Treatment for equine eye conditions