A Conversation about Foot Abscesses

Foot abscesses are relatively simple to treat if managed properly. They are also one of the most common things that we see as equine emergencies and are excruciatingly painful for our horses

In our latest episode Liz Somerville is joined by Jenny Croft MRCVS to chat about what causes an abscess, the clinical signs that our owners should look out for, the best treatment plan as well as what can go wrong if they are not treated quickly and effectively. 

  • What is a foot abscess?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of a foot abscess?
  • Should you call the vet about a foot abscess?
  • Should you give your horse bute when it has an abscess?
  • How to treat an equine foot abscess
  • Can you stop a horse from getting foot abscesses?