A Conversation about Equine Cushings (PPID)

This week’s conversation with Jenny Croft MRCVS and Liz Somerville is all about Equine Cushings or PPID as it is now known. If you are an owner of a ‘golden oldie’ this episode will be particularly relevant as PPID affects so many of our older horses and ponies.

Equine Cushings or PPID is easy to treat and manage meaning we can prevent many of the complications that we see in undiagnosed cases of PPID. Liz who is a horse owner herself asks Jenny all about PPID:

  • What is PPID?
  • Which horses and ponies are likely to be affected by Equine Cushings?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of Equine Cushings?
  • How do we diagnose Cushings (PPID)?
  • How do you treat PPID?