A Conversation about Equine Metabolic Syndrome

If you have an overweight horse or pony then this episode from the Podcasting Equine Vets is definitely for you! In our second podcast episode Jenny Croft MRCVS is back chatting to Liz Somerville about Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and how it affects our obese horses and ponies.

Equine Metabolic Syndrome affects the levels of insulin in the horse’s body, and it is the high levels of insulin circling in the blood, that can cause of the onset of laminitis. As we discussed in our first episode, laminitis is a medical emergency so finding out about EMS and how you can treat it will drastically reduce the chances of your horse or pony getting laminitis.

We cover the important topics and answer your questions about EMS:

  • Is Equine Metabolic Syndrome becoming more common?
  • What is insulin resistance in horses?
  • How should we manage our horse’s weight throughout the year?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of Equine Metabolic Syndrome?
  • How do you test for Equine Metabolic Syndrome?
  • How do I help my horse lose weight?
  • How do you treat Equine Metabolic Syndrome?