A Conversation about Equine Obesity

This week's episode tries to tackle the thorny issue of equine obesity. This is an enormous problem for the UK equine industry and despite huge efforts from equine welfare charities and vets all across the country either our horse owners can’t recognise that their horse is obese or are not motivated enough to take action.

In 2019 at Loch Leven Equine Practice 1 in 5 of all the horses put to sleep was down to laminitis. This figure has almost doubled from the previous year which is a scary statistic.

In this podcast Jane Haden MRCVS joins Liz Somerville to chat through how owners can objectively assess whether their horse is over weight, and discusses some of the ways to get your horse to lose weight.

  • What are so many horses overweight in the UK?
  • How should I assess my horse’s weight?
  • How can I help my horse lose weight?
  • How to manage horse’s hay
  • How much exercise should my horse get to lose weight?
  • Measuring horse’s weight