Clipping – Preparation is key

Whether you love clipping or hate it, being prepared is the best way to make it go smoothly and end with a neat and tidy finish.

A Conversation with Team Oakden

This week we absolutely delighted to welcome Sarah and James Oakden to the podcast. Sarah and James are the husband and wife team behind Team Oakden based at the very beautiful Dunbog Farm in Fife.

A Conversation about Equine Coughs

Coughing may seem like a trivial subject especially as the odd cough really isn’t anything to worry about, but for those owners whose horses are coughing so much it is effecting their ridden work, or if they get regular coughs due to allergies it can incredibly frustrating.

A Conversation about Foot Abscesses

Foot abscesses are relatively simple to treat if managed properly. They are also one of the most common things that we see as equine emergencies and are excruciatingly painful for our horses

A Conversation about Equine Grass Sickness

Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) is a particularly devastating disease given the poor prognosis and how little we know about what actually causes it. In this episode from the Podcasting Equine Vets Liz Somerville is joined by Karen Wilson MRCVS.

A Conversation about Eye Conditions

This episode covers how to identify if your horse’s eye is sore, some of the more common conditions that we see and the treatments that are available to us.