At Loch Leven Equine Practice we understand that you don’t want to compromise on quality, but we also know that saving every pound makes a difference.Here are some of the ways that we can help you to cut down the cost of your routine veterinary work. 

Healthy Horse Club

Spread the cost of your horse’s annual routine health care whilst saving you money.

Weekly Flexi Visits

Visits available each week on a set day in your area for just £20 for your routine work

Free Dental Visits

Book in four or more routine dentals at your yard and get the visit free.

At Loch Leven Equine Practice we understand how important it is to give your horse or pony the best care possible. We know that you want to ensure they are happy and healthy, and you can be assured that with the team at Loch Leven Equine Practice they are in the best possible hands.

Our experienced team of equine vets are committed to helping you keep your horse healthy and not just treating them when they are ill. It is widely recognised that prevention is better than cure and is often cost effective in the long term.  We also understand that effective budgeting is also essential.

That’s why we have put together our annual preventative health care practice membership, giving you peace of mind that your horse is getting all of the essential veterinary care throughout the whole year, whilst spreading the cost and saving you more money than ever before.

Our dedicated horse only vets are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Membership of the Healthy Horse Club gives us the opportunity to offer support and advice about any treatment planning, which in many cases may prevent problems arising in the future.


It’s easy to budget effectively throughout the year with interest free small monthly Direct Debit payments – it couldn’t be simpler.
Our Healthy Horse Club also saves you money so actually helps you to reduce your costs.


We also offer all members of the Healthy Horse Club a 10% discount off all LLEP branded supplements including Veterinary Gut Support, Veterinary Joint Maintenance, Veterinary Vitamins and Minerals, Veterinary Blood Tonic, Veterinary Gastric Aid and Veterinary Calmer.


Being part of the club also gives you the opportunity to attend an annual first aid talk, completely free of charge and exclusive to club members.

Saving money on equine vets bills


We constantly strive to improve our services which mean that we are continually reviewing what we can offer our clients. The introduction of Flexi visits allows us to improve the efficiency of our vets’ driving time and pass this saving onto our clients by offering reduced price Flexi visits.

A Flexi visit  is available on a select day, each week, which is set out in the map opposite. On the select day for your area your flexi visit fee costs just £20. In addition this reduced fee can be shared equally between the numbers of clients seen at the same time on the same yard, allowing for additional savings. 

If you are booking in four or more dentals on the the same yard we offer a FREE visit fee. Dentals must be done at the same time with the same vet and booked in 24 hours in advance.


Calls on flexi visit days will be booked on a first come, first serve basis and must be booked in advance through the office. Visit times will be allocated on the most convenient time for the vet. On the day prior to your appointment you will be sent a text message with a two hour window for your appointment time. On the day of the appointment your vet will contact you with a 30 – 45 minute window for your appointment. 

Of course we will never refuse to give a client a visit if they need to be seen at short notice, or request a specific vet or time. However if the vet covering the reduced visit fee day is fully booked another vet will attend at a time to suit you and this will be charged at the standard visit fee. This will not affect your calls for veterinary work on any other day of the week and we will continue to offer you and your horse the same standard of service – this is simply a way of passing on some savings.

T&C’s: Our emergency calls remain the same and do not qualify for Flexi visits in or out of hours. Visit fees can be equally shared between the number of clients seen on the same yard. Flexi visits apply to set days only (see map) and to qualify for the reduced fee we decide which vet is covering your area on that particular day. Vettings and extensive lameness workups do not qualify for Flexi visits.


Save money with a free visit when you book four or more routine dental examinations on the same yard. Dentals must be done at the same time with the same vet and booked in 24 hours in advance.

We advise every horse should have a dental examination every 6 -12 months. Many minor problems can be corrected immediately, or we may advise corrective or advanced treatments to prevent more serious problems developing.

Call the office to book your dentals – 01577841010.

Thank you for choosing Loch Leven Equine Practice and giving your horse or pony the very best care. Your friends or family who haven’t yet used Loch Leven Equine Practice can do the same and as a thank you, both you and your friend will receive a £10 voucher which can be redeemed against any Loch Leven Equine Practice Service. Or if you would prefer, we can make a £10 donation to a charity of your choice.

With 24/7 care from dedicated equine only vets with access to full surgical facilities and equipment, as well as low-cost routine health care why not invite your friends and family to join us?

Complete our Recommend a Client Form and our client care team will be delighted to allocate a £10 credit to your account. Your friend will also receive a £10 credit on their account as a thank you for recommending the practice.