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Gastric Aid 3.2kg


Veterinary Gastric Aid

A complementary feed suitable for feeding to horses displaying signs of gastro intestinal problems.

A unique supplement for daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances. Gastric Aid will assist in maintaining optimum gut health and function, allowing maximum utilisation of feed.

Gastric Aid supplies a unique formulation of prebiotics, amino acids, seaweed extract and specific minerals necessary to aid in the maintenance of a healthy digestive tract. It is supplied in a convenient pelleted formulation.

  • Use  in horses with or displaying signs of gastric ulcers
  • Includes active ingredients Kaolin (E559), Sodium Alginate (E401), Threonine

3.2kg tub approx 32 day (1 month) supply (64 days for ponies / youngsters)

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