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Our clients just love our App

Our fabulous new app is a great way for clients to communicate with our team.

You can use our app to book an appointment, order repeat prescriptions, supplements or ask questions – all from the team you know and trust.

Make sure to download the app when you drop your horse at our practice. We’ll send inpatient updates via the app so you can follow your horses’ time in the practice.

It’s easy to use and really helpful if you want to send photos or videos in advance of your appointment – so we can be working out what’s the matter with your animal.

The chat line is open between 8.30am and 5pm and we will get back to you within 20 minutes. If you leave a chat message out of these hours, we will pick it up when we open.


Install our PetsApp here:

Click here to install our App!


7 ways to make the most out of your video consultation

  1. Ensure you have allowed the app to have access to your phone’s microphone and camera.
  2. Place yourself in an area of good internet connectivity.
  3. Ensure you are in a slightly quieter area of the yard/house e.g. ensuring you are away from any appliances that make noise.
  4. If your horse has a wound/lump or something that needs to be looked at closely, sending a picture or video beforehand can be extremely helpful.
  5. Writing a list of any questions you have can ensure you get all the information you need.
  6. Have PetsApp open at the time of your appointment to ensure you are promptly connected.
  7. Being close to your horse so that you can check anything the vet asks you to look at.