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Somebody's In Trouble.....!

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Hello all Choccy here again to give you an update of my life in lockdown! It’s a bit strange here as Mum has all of a sudden stopped riding even though it’s very sunny. I’m not complaining as I’ve been able to spend a lot of my days sun bathing which I love to do. My winter coat is very nearly out now so soon I will be my shiny bay with dun bits again, instead of dodgy ginger!

We got a new neighbour the other day who is a handsome little grey Connemara called Romeo. I reckon I could be his Juliette so I thought I should make sure he noticed me…. my hormones are a bit lively just now so I felt the need to shout at the top of my voice, prance about a bit and pee a lot! 

Mum came to try to put us all in for tea but I didn’t fancy ending my performance just yet so kept going. She thought she would go and get a lead rope and just throw it round my neck and I would just walk in like normal but I decided that was not happening so started to run and pulled my poor Mum off her feet. (I’m in so much trouble now). 20 minutes passed and my tummy was rumbling so when Mum came with a head collar, looking rather annoyed, I thought I had better just do as I was asked. Mum was wittering to me about being too old to be a flirt but what does she know? After she went into the house Sian sniffed me through the stable and I had to kick a hole in the wall. I am going to be in so much trouble in the morning……

I’m hoping to get out and about again soon as I need to show off how great I am looking for my age and more importantly I need to try to steel some more ice cream cones off children at the various show I get to go too. One year at the riding club show I managed to get in the tea tent to steal a scone which was the highlight of the day!

I am still coming in at night as Mum says that changing my routine as a result of this lockdown has meant I’m not working so hard so she doesn’t want me to become overweight. It’s really important that us Golden Oldies keep a healthy weight and keep our guts active. LLEP have a number of great supplements that I am going to try so that I am even flashier for my new boyfriend next door.

I’m having to keep my stable mates in check as well as I do think Sian is looking a little chubby so I have been stealing her hay and treats to help her out....

Stay safe and stay home everyone

Goodbye for now

Choccy x x