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Sarah and 'Super Cob' Flash SMASH their 2019 Goal.........

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Flash has barely put one of his big hooves wrong since our last update, inf act he has been pretty phenomenal and definitely completely back to the Flashy boy I know! We have mainly been out on the Showjumping circuit proving that cobs really can - it may be getting a little addictive although we are still busy trying to channel our inner dressage diva at home!

Our last big pony party was a weekend trip up to Cabin Equestrian Centre for 3 days of Showjumping and what a weekend it was. A group of us stayed in a dandy farmhouse steading 10 minutes from the Cabin which made for a brilliant fun horsey weekend . On Friday Flash completed a smashing double clear in the 90cm and won...what a way to begin, such a clever clumpy boy, and we then picked up another placing in the metre class!  

One of the goals I had set myself for this year was to try and compete higher than a metre and be ok about it by the end of the year, by ok I mean not feeling nervous or ill! Before our Floors somersaulting escapade back in May we had managed to complete 2 unaffiliated 1.10m classes and a schooling evening at Howe Equestrian Centre around a 1.10/1.15 course, not too shabbily - well Flash not too shabbily! So my plan was to contest our first Newcomers (1.10m) seeing as we have been well and truly back on track!

On Saturday we collected a 3rd place in the metre class with another super clear. The course stayed the same for the Newcomers but I was feeling pretty nervous. Why does 10cm more look so flipping gigantic, it’s only two extra holes I keep telling myself! Nerves are the worst - they make you ride like a total moron, up to the first fence we came and down it fell. I was riding backwards, we had a perfect stride too just not going enough. I had a word with myself, apologised to Flash and the rest of our round was pretty decent, just one more unlucky rub, I cannot tell you how happy I was to complete with 8 faults as it had been a very long time since I last attempted an affiliated 1.10!

Sunday was my favourite. My nerves were a tad more in check and we were ready for another crack. We picked up a place in the metre again and I just knew Flash was trying hard although it was not our most stylish round. There were about 4 fences we did not get a great stride at but somehow the big supercob managed to get all his feet out the way and leave everything up. I had another word with myself and told him I'd ride better in the next class. We went in and absolutely smashed it, met every single jump right and Flash jumped out of his skin, an amazing double clear and what a feeling. There were only 2 double clears in the class so to say I was chuffed was an understatement! Second attempt at newcomers and Flashy Blue picked up a blue frilly! Some boy and what a brilliant end to the weekend.

Christmas is soon approaching, last year my sister, Granny and me escaped the house on Christmas day when the best meal of the year was being cooked to go and visit Flash. Poor Flash had to pose for photos wearing tinsel and a Santa hat and I imagine this year will be much the same, our horses must know about Christmas day by now!

Hope everyone has a brilliant Festive time, 

Love Sarah and Flash xx