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Introducing Our LLEP Sponsored Golden Oldies

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We had the most incredible response to our search for a special Golden Oldie to support over the next year. It has been such a tough decision, we are super lucky to have an amazing bunch of Golden Oldies that we care for which made the decision even more difficult  After cutting the initial applications down to a shortlist of 5 we simply couldn’t chose one. So we have decided to support three!

We will share more about them individually in the next few weeks but here is a brief introduction from their owners Victoria Dewar with Choccy, Paul Sargent with Flicka and Ailsa Fossett with Lorna 

Choccy – 25 year old Bay Mare. Just over 20 years ago I went out to find a new horse and little did I know what adventures lay ahead. I went to see Choccy after a few false starts and for me she ticked all the boxes, that is she was bomb proof on the roads, had a super shiny coat and most importantly was the fastest thing I had ever sat on. Gavin’s selling spin was that she had the face of a princess and the arse of a cook. Choccy has always gone cross country like a pro and has never stopped which left me a little bit cocky until it all caught up with me doing my first Blair workers where we met a bull finch for the first time. Alas this time she did stop and I had an unscheduled dismount which was greeted by a comment of “if your arse hadn’t been so big it wouldn’t have pulled you off so quick” from the crowd as I shamefully walked out on foot. She is super chilled in the field to the extent that when she was leaning over the fence into the next field to get grass and a fencepost snapped she simply relaxed into it and rolled right over the barbed wire fence then stood up as if to check no one saw her. Thank goodness or Hugh would have been on speed dial 

Flicka - 26 year old Palomino blonde, 7/16 Arab, part Thoroughbred and the rest tough Scottish pony. Despite Cushings, age and a touch of arthritis, her indomitable spirit and will to win have her racing across thirty acre fields and up formidable hills. A canter is suggested; the faces of our companions grow pale. Ok, so beating a 12 year old ex-racehorse to the top of the field may require an early break and a blatant nudge into the railings that even a blind steward couldn't miss, but what is experience for? As for situational awareness (aka opportunism), if any horse is going to lead a raid on the neighbour's garden, it's Flicka. Some horses have owners: Flicka has me Paul - servant, provider and human buddy. Having come late to horses, I am guided by (and sometimes looked after by) Flicka. She'll see off a stroppy tup; no problem. And she's a dab hand at the dog training. That's the thing. For all her spirit, she's also kind and sensitive, brilliant with children and safe to handle. Ok, so she catapulted me head over heels into a massive puddle and only got her hooves wet  (after I struggled back on) by taking off through the puddle and trying to shake me off. Ugh, a wet human. I'll get over it. Heather and Kayla are still laughing 

CHETWYND LORNA (LORNA) - 26 year old grey mare. Lorna is a huge part of our family. She and her 9 year old rider, Ishbel have a lot in common: they love getting muddy, galloping, jumping (especially cross country) and they’re both losing their teeth. Ishbel is at least growing replacements, Lorna has had 3 incisors and 4 molars extracted by LLEP. LLEP’s expert advice has played a big part in keeping Lorna active and fit and she regularly competes across the Central Belt. Early diagnosis of PPID has been crucial in allowing us to manage Lorna’s diet and lifestyle and she benefits from advanced dentistry twice a year. Lorna was Veteran Horse Society Supreme Champion Scotland – M&M In hand 2018. In 2019 her achievements include:
• Winner Foresterseat XC 
• Winner Strathearn PC XC 2019
• Member winning team Scottish Schools U12 dressage 
• Mini WHP Champion Strathearn PC
• PC Summer camp

Lorna is truly Golden. She has taught my daughters invaluable life lessons: if you fall off, get back on (she always waits for her rider); you may be tired and hungry but Lorna’s bucket and rug come first. She is gentle, safe and lots of fun. Without LLEP’s advice Lorna would not be as fit and healthy and living life to max as she is.

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