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Choccy the Wonder Horse

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Hello all my name is Choccy and my mum says I’m 25 years old but obviously she is lying and I’m still in my teens! I have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Loch Leven Equine Practice Golden Oldies, although please don’t let me have to meet Hugh because I really don’t like male vets! I’m super excited  to be allowed to give a monthly blog on all my adventures which thankfully my Mum still lets me have.

I was born in Ireland in a yard that my Mum says was run by one of her childhood showjumping heroes Eddie Macken.  After a short stay with Gavin I found my forever home with the Dewars at aged 4. They pretty much let me rule the roost from day one, which I love! I did promise to behave most of the time although I have been known to open field gates and appear wondering down the driveway to see what’s going on. 

I love going really fast and jumping but Mum and I don’t always do this at the same time.  This one time at a worker’s competition Mum couldn’t get the studs in but stupidly decided we would go anyway… unfortunately it was really slippery so all did not go to planned.  I took off at jump 5 but my back legs slipped so I decided it was best to turn back and fell over!  I was a little winded so decided to just lie still and get my breath back but unfortunately Mum was still on board and had her leg stuck underneath so didn’t appreciate me having a rest…  OOOPS!!

When the new baby horse arrived 2 years ago I was NOT happy. I was really worried that she would steel all my glory so I was determined not to like her from day 1. Thankfully that’s not the case. I now have a new role teaching all the kids to ride and sometimes I even still get to jump so I have decided that Sian can be my friend as long as she knows her place.  One of my kids Charlie thinks he’s a cowboy and rides me on the buckle all the time and calls me Choccy the Wonder Horse.  I love my kids.

Mum says it’s important to keep both her and my fitness up as we are getting a little on the stiff side.  With the help of my friends at LLEP I am keeping fit and healthy so that I can plan some days out and let you all hear about my antics. If any of you humans have a golden oldie, like me, please look after them and spend time with them as we all still have life in us and can bring lots of joy to your families.

Goodbye for now