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A White Tail, White Boards and a Red Sash All to the Tune of 'Good as Hell'

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To the tune of “Good as Hell” by Lizzo...

“I do my hair toss, check my nails....”

Or “ I get my tail washed, check my nails”..... 

For the first time this year, I get my tail washed, iteresting…. I spent a lot of time getting that nicely muddy throughout the winter. There was some nice moss in it too, so it was tinged with an attractive shade of greenish yellow. Anyway, the shampoo was out, my tail was white and my mane got some attention. Then the plaiting bands came out, along with my hoody rug, so I knew something was up.

I was up early the next day and after a quick check of the plaits, was off to Howe in the lorry, all before 7.40am.  Turns out all the effort is for the Scottish Schools Equestrian Championships, hosted and sponsored by Kilgraston. 

I’ve been looking after my rider, Ishbel for four years, and before that, I looked after her big sister. So Ishbel is not a big fan of dressage, to be honest neither am I!  At 26 (+) I feel I’ve given most things a shot, but why pose about between some white boards when you can have a spin in stubble field with the wind up your tail and just have a laugh? That said, we did our best, and it was a lovely morning, with the sun shining, and I was pleased to be out and looking good….! I turned on the charm, and it was actually OK.  Turns out, I won the under 12s class, so maybe I could get used to this dressage lark, especially because I got a lovely sash and red is my favourite colour.

Ishbel and I were a bit more at home in the SJ, that’s a bit more up our street. I do love it when I get to do tight turns. A second individually and our school team was 1st overall. So a great morning, and worth getting that tail washed and the plaits in. 

Home in time for lunch, and I celebrated with a lovely roll in my field, to get some mud back on.....

The next weekend we headed off to Gleneagles for a XC rally with Strathearn PC. This is what I LOVE.  There is nothing better in life (    apart from my bucket). It was a blast and I felt sooo good. The ground was great, I had a spin and a splash through the water and a bomb around the course.

I’ve been to lots of rallies indoors with my mates from PC through the winter and it was such fun to be outside with my friends in the fresh air. I danced on the spot and popped a buck or too. I never used to do that, when Ishbel was little. But when you get to my age, and you know your rider can take it,  I just couldn’t help myself. Ishbel just laughed. Life is good…. 

Love Lorna x x