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Terms and Conditions

1. EVA and CEM: A Veterinary certificate certifying that the mare is free from EVA and CEM for the current breeding season must be presented upon arrival.
2. Flu and tetanus vaccinations: Owners are advised to have their mares regularly vaccinated against influenza and tetanus.
3. Passports: It is a legal requirement that all horses are accompanied to stud with their passports; we will check the identity of the horse with the passport on arrival. Be advised that there is a section in the passport on horses Not intended for human consumption that needs to be signed to ensure we can use the necessary drugs to treat your horse appropriately.
4. Health status: All mares arriving here will undergo a brief clinical examination to ensure they are of an adequate level of health. They will be allowed to stay only if the results are satisfactory. Please don't bring any horses that show signs of disease like; off their feed, snotty noses, diarrhoea, swollen lymph nodes, coughing, poor body condition, signs of ringworm or lice infestation.
5. Blacksmith: If a horse needs its feet trimmed whilst it is in our care we are more than happy to have the owners farrier come here to do so. Any costs will have to be covered by the owner.
6. Worming: Mares and foals are required to be wormed regularly. If worming is necessary whilst under our care then the owner will be charged accordingly.
7. Mare Booking-in Form: Legal owner or keeper is requested to fill in and sign this form when they bring mare to stud. If the mare is sent with a third party the form must be downloaded, completed and sent with the horse.
8. Veterinary Stud Work: Veterinary work relating to the Stud services will be undertaken by one of our Veterinary Surgeons as they see it appropriate. No responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through routine stud work like scanning, administration of medicines, sedation etc. unless resulting from an act of negligence. Please note that there is a small but inevitable risk of damage to mares rectums during rectal examinations.
9. Veterinary Assistance: In the event of an emergency or accident an effort will be made to consult the owner of the mare before veterinary work is done. But in case of an emergency and/or the owner not being contactable the Veterinary Surgeon will take such action as is considered necessary and at the owner’s cost.
10. Ordering Semen: It is the owner of the mares responsibility to liaise with the owner of the stallion to arrange semen collection and delivery. The owner must also inform LLEP of the times of availability of semen so that this can be factored into management of the mare.
11. Insurance: Mares and foals whilst at LLEP will receive every possible care, attention and supervision, but we accept no responsibility whatsoever for accident, theft, disease or damage to any horse, person or property. It is the owner's choice to insure their own horses and carry insurance policy covering third party liability.
12. Dangerous behaviour: LLEP reserves the right to refuse entry to the stud to any stallion, mare or foal that they consider to be an unacceptable risk to the safety of other horses or staff .
13. Payments: The account for all fees and costs incurred must be paid before the horse leaves the stud. Owners who send a third party to collect the horse must make arrangements to pay in advance of collection. Horses will not be allowed to leave before payment is made in full.


1. AI with Chilled or Fresh Semen - One cycle - £167 + VAT
2. AI with Frozen semen- One cycle- £283 + VAT
These prices include;
- All ultrasound scans- pre insemination, post insemination and 3 pregnancy scans at the 14, 28 and 45 day marks.
- Insemination.
- Microscopic semen evaluation at insemination.
- All paper work and certification
- Additionally the Frozen semen includes; more intensive scanning to perfectly time insemination and ovulation and Storage or frozen semen for the season.

The price does not include
Any non routine things like pre-pregnancy swabs, twin reductions, caslicks, sedation, ovuplant, uterine lavage, endometritis treatment as most normal mares will not require any of these additional treatments. This means you won’t pay for treatments that your mare would never receive anyway. 3. Visits to yards: will be charged at ½ the normal visit price when you have paid for an AI cycle.4.

Please note that here at LLEP there is No Insemination fee and No In- Foal fee

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