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At Loch Leven equine Practice you can be assured of the very highest standard of care from our dedicated equine team. With the the highly experienced existing team of Hannah Duncan BVMS MRCVS, Hugh Somerville Cert AVP (ESO) BVSc MRCVS, Pete Burton BVM&S Cert AVP (ED) MRCVS, Jenny Croft BVMS Cert EP MRCVS and Jane Haden BVM&S MRCVS, we have expanded the reproduction aspect of the Loch Leven Eqiuine Practice.

The team is highly trained in understanding the physiology of the reproductive cycles and therefore can recognise any abnormalities and know how to manipulate the cycle to achieve the highest possible success rate in an efficient manner.
As we have access to all the equipment and drugs necessary to treat any problems that may arise, we can treat them right then and there on the spot, making our service more efficient and cost effective due to higher success rates.

Importantly we are licensed to perform all procedures mentioned. It is illegal for anyone other than a vet to insert their hand into the rectum of a mare.

Our services include:

  • Routine examination and monitoring of mares reproductive cycles
  • Synchronisation of the time of ovulation and insemination
  • Fertility investigations in aged or sub-fertile mares
  • Artificial insemination using chilled or frozen semen
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mare reproductive problems like endometriosis and endometritis
  • Surgical correction of abnormal vulval conformation
  • Microscopic examination and fertility analysis of semen at the time of breeding to make sure the semen has survived transport
  • Diagnosis and reduction of twin pregnancies
  • Post foaling assessment of mares and foals
  • IgG tests, to ensure adequate colostrum intake, and plasma transfusions

Practice Standards Scheme

Horse owners always want to ensure their animals recieve the best possible care from their vets, but how can they be sure? The RCVS ensures that all vets are properly qualified and fit to practise but by registering with the voluntary Practice Standards Scheme, practices have to adhere to and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care. We decided that to keep improving our service to our clients and give them piece of mind we should register to join the scheme.

We are delighted to say that we have passed our inspection and are now a Tier 1 Accredited Practice. The inspector was extremely complimentary and in his report wrote, “The chairman noted the comments that the Practice was extremely well run and the standards of knowledge and care of equines was second to none. The Inspector wished to thank Mrs Somerville for the time and effort she had spent preparing for the inspection and was particularly grateful for the faultless presentation of the paperwork.” Click here to find out more.

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